Unlock the Secrets to Secure Dog Walking with this Essential Guide

On March 30, Celebrate Take a Walk in the Park Day with your pup and don’t let any potential perils put a damper on your delightful day. Take extra precautions to ensure safety by keeping an eye out for possible hazards while walking your canine companion.


#1: Other dogs

If your pet encounters a reactive dog that manages to escape its collar, it could be disastrous. Even if the other animal is friendly and unleashed, your furry companion may still consider them as an imminent danger when they bound up for greetings. Thus, you must stay alert around any pooch near yours and observe their body language to make sure they remain at ease in such situations. To evade potential squabbles among packs of dogs during peak hours, avoid parks if possible!


#2: Traffic

When taking a stroll to the closest park, it is essential to be mindful of traffic on your path. You should always keep watch for vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians that could potentially cause an accident if you are not paying attention. It is also important to ensure your pet remains close by and does not wander off – as pets with loose retractable leashes can be hazardous; they may stumble across distracted drivers while chasing a squirrel or accidentally trip bikers in their haste. To avoid such accidents from occurring, make sure your pet’s leash is secure enough so it won’t break free!


#3: Parasites

Parks can be a haven for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other parasites. To protect your beloved pet from these intruders all year round, administer preventatives regularly and give them a thorough check-up upon returning home – just in case any unwanted guests have found their way aboard!


#4: Wildlife

As your pup roams around the park, it could come across wild animals’ living areas. While most will scurry away quickly when people and pets approach, some may pose a danger if they feel their young are at risk or someone is encroaching on their territory. This can cause aggressive behavior; moreover, these creatures often carry diseases or parasites that you wouldn’t want to bring home with you! It’s best to avoid them altogether and just let nature take its course.


If you and your furry friend love spending time outside, make sure they’re safe from any harmful parasites or illnesses with regular preventive care. Get in touch with our team today to arrange for a wellness appointment for your pet!